Back stories – Nathe

Nathe, blonde haired Swordmaster of Catheridge, plays an important role in Lonsearth and the journey of Thais and Casperi. Nathe is a loyal servant to the House of Catheridge, a loyalty built upon from his father, Peter, who had died from a heart attack just a few years before our story begins.

Nathe’s father and Baron Archivy were good friends after the Baron saved Peter from drowning when he was injured during the final of Capture the Flag twenty-five summers before.

Peter had been struck in the head by a blade and fallen into the river that flowed through the valley. Archivy’s men were in a position of victory, but Archivy had sacrificed the win to save Peter.

Peter was a young swordsman in the House of Catheridge, following on his father, Erik, who had left the guard of the House of Vasa in his younger years to join the House of Catheridge. Movement of young soldiers between towns was not uncommon in hope of greater opportunities, and fifty summers before, Catheridge was still considered somewhat of an outpost when Erik arrived.

Nathe’s cousin, Norman, also served in the House of Catheridge Guard. Normans’ mother, Vinna, sister of Peter, works with her husband, a local baker in the village outside of the castle walls.

The saga begins!

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Lonsearth is finally available to all!!!!

The website is now live, the Amazon links work, and I can be contacted directly for more information. I will be producing a monthly email update and back stories on all of the characters. To receive this monthly email, please register via the Contact Form on this website.

Lonsearth, the first epic fantasy by B.A.Fleming is the result of over 700 hours of writing. Like many teenagers, the journey into adult life is one of challenges. Understanding their place in the world, and how they can draw upon their own intuitive strengths, is a core lesson for our main characters, Thais and Casperi. They start surrounded by the people that have helped to raise them and need to forge new friendships along their expedition.

Like any journey that we all have succumb to, some of the people we meet have genuinely good intentions, and others, well, not necessarily so. Their intent in not always so clear, and we can, and will, always make mistakes.

Early reviews have pointed out that Lonsearth is a bit slow at the start as the challenge of world building requires some initial setup. I encourage you to push through the first ten chapters until the real adventures kick in!

Lastly, if you like history and mythology in various cultures across the world, I encourage you to keep your eyes open. I have traveled to over 35 countries, and random places from my travels and the cultures I have experienced, are laced within the words.

Book 2 of the Six Realms Saga is now 10% complete. Look for more updates and please join the contact list!


Lonsearth is now available for you to buy as an ebook.

Lonsearth is an epic fantasy, approximately 7,000 e-reader pages in length (around 490 printed pages). It is currently available through Amazon as an e-book. The amazon link is:

It’s an epic fantasy in traditional fashion. An unexpected guest, a gorgeous, mysterious warrior, claiming to be from a foreign land. He is the first visitor to the valley in over a hundred summers. The local Barons’ children get caught up in the young warriors’ enthusiasm, which sets the course for an adventure that will change them all.

They will need to battle Ice Gols (the ugly guys on the cover) in order to find the ancient Seer, all in preparation to face the black dragon, Arthung, who rules the valley. The usual stuff, random characters dying at unlikely times, treachery, honesty, lying, guile – all the good stuff.

I hope to have the paperback version available to the US market early next week.

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